We are delighted you will be attending the first White Coat Summit, Capitol Hill Washington D.C. July 27- 28, 2020.

The first White Coat Summit has three goals.

  • We will create the opportunity for frontline doctors to talk directly to the American people.
  • We will educate and inform Congresspersons, who have also been subject to widespread misinformation.
  • And we will build alliances, as it falls to us physicians to heal our nation.

1st Day Agenda

8:30 am: Coffee, Opening Remarks
9:00 am: Panel #1 Schools
10:00 am: Topic #2 The Virus/Disease Facts
10:20 am: Topic #2 Hoaxes Identified
10:40 am: Panel #2 Hoaxes Demonstrated
11:10 am: Panel #2 Medical Cancel Culture
11:30 am: Topic #3 Fear
11:45 am: Topic #4 Public Policy
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:00 pm: Capitol Hill Photo Op
2:00 pm: Capitol Hill Press Conference
4:00 pm: Panel 2: HCQ
5:00 pm: Topic #4: Follow the Money
5:30 pm: Panel #3: Lockdowns
4:00-8:00 pm: Individual Physician Interviews

2nd Day Agenda

8:00 am: Continental Breakfast
8:30 am: Topic #5 Going Forward
9:30 am: Closing Remarks
10:00 am: Special Taping
1:00 pm: Conclusion

Social Media: 3:30-5:30 pm

YouTube and other social media vastly exceed television news as the information source for most Americans. Interviews and Q/A with social media personalities with large followers is the best way to talk to Americans. Doctors who want to answer questions from these modern journalists will have the opportunity. There will be dozens of doctors doing this together and you are free to speak as little or as much as you like.

Video: 4-8 pm

You are invited to record a ~2-5 minute video speaking about the coronavirus, the lockdown, and your advice/opinion. This will be sent to you as a link for you to share with your friends, family, patients, local press, or for any other purpose.

Tentative Congressional Meetings: 4-6 pm

Physicians & Congresspersons can discuss any healthcare related topic.